do you ever like a fictional character so much you actually get jealous when other people say they like them

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These wings are made to fly
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   Anonymous asked: well that anon was ugly so


fuck that

fuck calling people ugly and fuck people thinking i care about negative comments like ok one person thinks i’m ugly how sad i have 4000 other people who love my face and my personality and you know WHAT fuck that too even if all of you thought i was ugly i still wouldn’t give a shit you think i’m gonna let strangers bring down all the confidence i’ve built up? lmao fuck that i have spent way too much time of my life hating myself i am so fucking done hating myself i have friends that love me and i have friends that care for me i have friends who loved me even when i didn’t love myself i have friends that make me happy i’m alive i love myself now i’m in love with myself and i only want what’s best for me and the people i care about and if that makes me selfish then fuck it i’m a selfish bastard so what who cares i’m probably not the only one

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This could be the motherfuckin' party of the year!
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